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Bird nets and aviaries

Nettenlijn is specialized in the production and assembly of nets and the construction of aviaries. We have been supplying professional quality nets to bird parks, breeders and private individuals for a long time. The high breaking strength of the black polyethylene wire makes the network very suitable for large spans. The nets are stretched tightly over the construction, creating a beautiful and effective roof. Due to the high UV resistance, the network has a very long lifespan, often more than 20 years! The nets can be ordered in any desired length and width in one piece. The following mesh sizes are available:
1.6 cm - 2.0 cm - 2.5 cm - 3.0 cm - 4.0 cm - 5.0 cm - 6.0 cm - 10.0 cm - 15.0 cm .
Request a free sample with brochure and prices, or contact us for a non-binding quote for the nets or the build of a complete aviary.

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